1. StephenUSA's Avatar
    Within the last few days, after charging, I have been receiving a message on my Priv screen to download a Cartwheel by Target app. Also, there is a diagram that shows Speed--Continue--Trickle. At the bottom "Slide to open". On the screen the remaining % of battery is stated. I do not want to see this screen.

    Anyone know what this is about?
    07-06-16 01:23 PM
  2. Mike_WasTaken's Avatar
    After a quick look on Google it appears to be a coupon/offers hosting app. Do you know if this is related to any recently installed apps? Maybe an add you clicked and then went and installed the app?
    Not sure how it's related to charging cycles though, could be on a timely basis. Upload a screen shot of the window next time you see it and post it here (Volume down + Power button simultaneously).

    07-06-16 01:37 PM

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