02-04-17 11:13 PM
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  1. jpvj's Avatar
    Q10 right now, because the my beloved Z30 was not able to charge the battery anymore (did try to replace middleframe/battery without any improvement).

    BB10 is unfortunately dead. No app development support will eventually kill the OS as a choice for mainstream users (read: Users in need for apps and without the need for the highest grade security).

    Will probably move to iPhone 7 as I'm no fan of Android due to lack of security and fragmentation.
    03-24-16 05:47 AM
  2. noemi-abril's Avatar
    I'm using Z30 and Passport and I have no plans to change in a few years, to do so would be another BlackBerry 10 device :-)
    03-24-16 05:52 AM
  3. orbazan's Avatar
    I would like to hear people that moved to the Priv and like it! I am getting sick of the negativity on here about the Priv

    Posted via CB10
    There is a lot to like about the Priv, and a lot not to like. There is no gratuitous "negativity" here, maybe on other forums/sites/reviews, but i bet that everyone on crackberry who used/uses the Priv is trying REALLY HARD to like it. For some it is an easier transition, for some not quite so. Obviously previous experience with Android devices helps, however if all one used for the past few years is BB, i tell you, HUB and all, it's still a pretty abrupt change.
    Trust me, after i payed almost 1000 USD for the device, there is no "negativity" in my words. There are only facts. With good and bad together.

    I have been in the IT business for almost 20 years now. Mainly working with corporate customers. I was there when mobile phones were still a luxury, an exclusivity only for the upper management. I was there when a company's standard in mobile communication was BB, anything else was inconceivable. And i was there when slowly it started not being the "one and only". When top management started slowly choosing Android and Apple devices. And let me tell you something: NOBODY i know gave up on BB because they couldn't play candy crush or because they didn't have a thousand different weather applets. But i know a lot of people who gave up on BB because it didn't have a decent map application with turn by turn navigation, because they couldn't take a decent picture, because the bank application was not working with BB, because even a simple ePub reader was costing money, because there simply weren't apps they needed (engineering, for instance) and so on and so forth. So you see, it's not only the app gap. It's the lack of basic features that have become long-time standard features of a mobile OS.

    You might say, "oh well, but the security features of BB are unparalleled". There is some truth in that. However decisions are not made based on ROI or risk factors. Decisions are made based on what brings a company a competitive advantage over other companies. And in this game BB can only bring up the security features (which, by the way, are only made complete by using other SW/HW, like BES and smart cards), but this is only part of the "competitive advantage". Too late they realized this, and even then they wouldn't admit it, and from this conclusion the Priv was born. Was it a good or bad decision? Everybody has an opinion about this, you have yours, i have mine, the April 1st report will give us a first glimpse if the path BB took was right or wrong.

    The proof that BB doesn't give bollocks about the voice of the users? Everybody was asking for an improved Android runtime and for the Android apps to be made available to everybody, even if for a fee. And what do they do? They take away even the little that we still have on BB10, release an uber expensive phone and their exclusivist apps are now available for free for everyone thanks to gifted developers. Great job, BB.

    Yes, Facebook for instance is important. If a thousand people use it, the hell with them. If a million use it BB should put it on its agenda and at least keep an eye on it. But if a billion(!) use it, damn it BB, make a bloody effort!

    Believe me, BobPepe, and fellow crackberry users: right now what keeps me tied to my BB are mostly sentimental aspects and a formed habit. I am trying REALLY HARD to stay on this sinking boat, and if you read through the forum you will see many, many, many people struggling with the same dilemma. Some made a compromise by using two devices, a BB and a nonBB. But for me and thousands one phone is enough. And for millions a dual-sim phone is ideal. So you see, the few reasons we have to stick with BB are becoming less and less each day.

    Negativity? No, my friend. No negativity here. Just the harsh reality hitting us in the face every day, and stubborn loyalists who keep their eyes closed and accept the blow, hoping for the better, in spite of the obvious.
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    03-24-16 06:27 AM
  4. Saud Sahli's Avatar
    I own my Old Berries Bold 9900 and 9700, they all can't work anymore though

    My primary phone is iPhone 6 Plus.
    My second phone is Nexus 6P.

    I am looking to replace the crappy Android with powerful BB10 phone, and I cant decide yet which is the best for me Classic or Leap or wait for their next Gen>
    03-24-16 07:14 AM
  5. superman1867's Avatar
    Passport....Z10 for backup and when I really need something smaller.
    03-24-16 07:22 AM
  6. Bluenoser63's Avatar
    Z30. It will be my last BlackBerry phone. I have all the BlackBerry phones minus the Priv. I won't be doing Android phone.
    03-24-16 07:30 AM
  7. dalinxz's Avatar
    Passport until this week, now S7 edge
    03-24-16 08:39 AM
  8. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    A week ago I was using a Q10. Then I bought a refurb iPhone 5c for $140 and have been using that. I tried the same thing a year ago and quickly came back to BB10. This time is different.

    I'm probably getting an iPhone SE soon.
    03-24-16 09:07 AM
  9. domsons's Avatar
    03-24-16 09:33 AM
  10. domsons's Avatar
    Go for the Passport SE
    03-24-16 09:34 AM
  11. YouAintTheHost's Avatar
    Passport. Hands down the best phone and OS available right now. I am really going to miss BB10 in a couple years when these crap out. I use my phone to play some android games, but mostly... The HUB, communications, and the speed of the device is what I love. I bought another one recently for a backup, and my wife has one now too. I unfortunately have a tablet (android), and moving files on it is a pain in the neck. Blend does not work very well on Android, and I have yet to find a decent email client. I only hope I will be able to replace the batteries on my Passports some day.
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    03-24-16 10:34 AM
  12. jameshaven's Avatar
    I'm trying out a Priv right now but have to decide for our company whether we are going to stick with blackberry or not. I'm also going to try out the LG G5 next month and make a choice. There is a lot to like about the priv but some things i don't like as well. Android is the future for our company either way.
    03-24-16 10:36 AM
  13. ControlsGeek's Avatar
    Still rocking the Tour. 5 Batteries and it just keeps working.
    03-24-16 12:00 PM
  14. tazcubed's Avatar
    Right now, I'm back using the Passport for this week. I've had the Priv since I think the first or second day of launch.

    I will say this: I'll be curious to see what Blackberry brings to the Priv if/when it updates to Marshmallow.

    Why the Passport: far, far better battery life (usually about 2 days on average). Better OS in my opinion, and generally more user friendly (Notification profiles, larger keyboard, fully functioning HUB). I have a lazy left eye that for some reason gets better with using the Passport - probably due to the width of the screen. The swipe to wake up is better - less likely to accidentally start a lock count. I wish that Blackberry could at least keep third parties at least interested in maintaining apps instead of slowly diminishing them. It's really nice to have Blend when working on the computer so you can deal with what's coming in on the phone.

    Why the Priv: some things are okay but in the end it does leave one wanting more - especially coming from a BB10 device. I personally like the keyboard better than the Passport's hybrid, BUT wish they had gone the extra distance to make it closer in size to the Classic or Q10. The bevelled screen edge is more annoying than useful - more times activated apps or started a lock count unintentionally (even initiated a few phone calls). Give me a hard bezel edge to stop that. Glad that the Priv can take advantage of more apps, BUT I'd say that out-of-the-box functionality really ticks me off and of course each app works differently (the native music app is garbage). Happy with the better maps. They need to move the power button to the top like virtually every other Blackberry and have it work like in BB10 so one can dismiss the ringer/notifications immediately. That, and fix the battery life - 5-8 hours tops on average but never more.

    One complaint of both - balance. Both need to have the balance point moved lower, even if it means a thicker base. These phones should rest flat in a hand without needing a finger to keep it in place.
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    03-24-16 01:11 PM
  15. anon(9607753)'s Avatar
    Passport SE going strong on 200+ apps and 100% encrypted. LOL.

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-16 01:33 PM
  16. jlgraham's Avatar
    I jumped ship a long time ago so this I'm not exactly answering the OP's question, but...

    I just bought a Bold 9900 on Ebay for $40, waiting for that to arrive. I switched from my Blackberry Pearl to Android in 2009, recently switched to the iPhone 6s Plus. My mom broke her Android phone recently and was using her backup Curve for awhile, it made me miss Blackberry. My old Pearl was really good to me. Would have loved to get a Classic (I think they actually look awesome) or Q10 but I couldn't justify spending the extra money since I already paid way to much for this iPhone.
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    03-24-16 02:06 PM
  17. mavsguy842's Avatar
    I own my Old Berries Bold 9900 and 9700, they all can't work anymore though

    My primary phone is iPhone 6 Plus.
    My second phone is Nexus 6P.

    I am looking to replace the crappy Android with powerful BB10 phone, and I cant decide yet which is the best for me Classic or Leap or wait for their next Gen>
    I don't think there's going to be a next-gen BB10 phone. What you can buy now is it.
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    03-24-16 02:15 PM
  18. whitetux's Avatar
    Coming up to a year and a half using the BB Passport and still really really liking it.

    I'll keep using it as long as the updates allow the browser to continue to work with the mobile versions of websites I use on a regular basis.

    My dad's using my Q10 that I used for a year and half before the Passport, he still likes it and is about to order a replacement battery to keep it going.
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    03-24-16 03:00 PM
  19. nkaminakis's Avatar
    running Z30
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    03-24-16 03:48 PM
  20. damien kupuku's Avatar
    gave my Q10 to my kid, using now Classic best phone
    03-24-16 04:10 PM
  21. RomuloSoeiro's Avatar
    In Brazil, Priv costs US $ 1500.00 ... continue with Passport.
    03-24-16 04:31 PM
  22. TgeekB's Avatar
    This thread just proves the variety of different needs and likes of people. Enjoying reading all the responses.
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    03-24-16 04:32 PM
  23. tsGucci's Avatar
    Currently my main driver is a Q10. During summer I will go for a PRIV or any new available BB Android. The Q10 will go as secondary phone.
    03-24-16 05:14 PM
  24. Davetrapsq10's Avatar
    Blackberry Q10, Z10 and Classic
    Moto G 3 rd generation and iphone 5s

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-16 05:16 PM
  25. Xeak's Avatar
    BBM Chat is superior. The issue you are having is with your carrier and/or network, not the actual BB10 OS and BBM. I've yet to experience any issues with this. Your suggestion with BBRY going with Android from the Get Go would have been a bad move IMO. What they should have done is moved to BB10 1-2 years sooner. You always go for the superior platform and OS, BB10 over the un-impressive and quite aged home button iOS and Android. Those two should have been retired long ago.
    I agree that having BB 10 out sooner would have been good, in retrospect. But that didn't happen and we are left with the 2nd best alternative. However, if BB Android handsets take off I think BB will adapt Android quite nicely.

    I have been with the same wireless carrier for some time and have noticed a degradation with BBM voice and video. BBM voice in iPhone also drops the connection quite quickly. On WiFi same, no matter where.
    03-24-16 07:03 PM
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