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    This was such a hard decision, one of the hardest i've ever had to make with respect to my cell phone. I have grown to know and love every piece of my Blackberry. Never cared to try anythign different. I added an Iphone to my gadgetry a few months ago and after 2 months and high phone bills I cut it off. I was debating the same with my BB and just adding another line and enjoying the Epic, but after tedious hours of research and comparing, I dont think I NEED 2 lines. I was initally leaning toward the Evo, but my mom got the Epic on Friday and I must say (I won't tell her) but the Epic has proved to be the better phone. The visual images and screen resolution is sick! I was in the Best Buy for 3 hours yesterday deciding and left with nothing because I still wasnt quite sure. I took my research to my home and stayed up pretty late trying to decide. The Evo's screen is larger by .3 and I found with the Keyboard on landscape mode, I was able to "go to town" typing away with ease. The kick stand feture is also a good one for home and office. And occasional video watching, etc. However, again the screen res on the Epic is MUCH better than the Evo. Checkout Epic vs. EVO: the cameras | DroidDog Android Blog for the comparables with the screen, pics, and video. Its very clear. I am a picture taker, so thats very important to me.

    My BB is my BFF, but after I sat and tried to find reason that I wouldnt leave it, with its small screen and keyboard, I decided its time to go. My BBM is key, also the Push email service, but other than that, the other phones have the same and even better features. Many of the apps that are offered, come on all phones. I saw apps I currently have on my BB in the Droid MarketPlace.

    I am not going to sell my Blackberry because in a worst case scenario, I may want to switch back to my trusty bff.

    BB really needs to step it up, I know they can do it!!! They can make a Super Phone that contains ALL the newest and great technology but still hold the things that every "Berrier" loves so much. I am hoping they do. In my 5 years I have turned about 40 of my friends and family to BB and they fell in love like I did. Its not called "CRACKBERRY" for nothing!!!

    So with a heavy heart, I am leaving for now. Hoping that RIM makes some changes soon and I can come back. But there is so much I havent seen out there and once I tested the waters, I am sold. Technology is ever growing and I'm a techy kinda girl. So I have to keep up.

    Leaving for now, but would love to come back
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