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    Some of you already have 10.2.1 while others don't. We're always held subject to carrier approvals when it comes to releasing updates. I can't load leaks due to me having a slow freezing PC and Android tablet which I hardly ever use. According to Michael Clewly channel we won't have to wait anymore. With the 10.2.1, I'm not sure if we'll still need carrier approvals, but we will be able to automatically update our devices when the software releases.

    After 10.2.1, No More Waiting for Carrier Approvals?-img_00000196.png

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    02-07-14 06:41 AM
  2. habs_fan's Avatar
    You will still have to wait for your carrier that's just means that you won't have to search for the update it will automatically download and install the update when your carriers push it

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    02-07-14 06:48 AM

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