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    hi all, just got my self a new unlocked bb from ebay, it was a t-mobile, but i have put my 02 sim into it. my bluetooth wont connect, i am discoverable, and i can find and pair with others, but when they send it says "cant connect"?? i also cant access the internet, i try to get my settings in options and 02, but they text back saying it doesnt work, do i need to phone 02 for them to send me settings?? also... what the **** is the radio?? is tht to do with wireless, and does tht always have to be on?? any advice help tips would be gratefully appreciated and accpeted, as i am really loving the phone

    many thanxs

    04-24-09 05:15 AM
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    Radio needs to be on for the BB to connect, if you have a data plan.
    04-24-09 05:27 AM
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    Hi there and welcome to CB! First and most importantly the radio is what actually connects your device to the wireless network for calls and data send/receive. It must be enabled or turned on in order for your phone to make calls and connect to your wireless carrier. Secondly you will need to aquire your carrier specific "service books" to be able to use certain data features on your phone such as internet and multimedia messaging, navigation, etc. Check into that since you're using a different carrier's unlocked device. As for the bluetooth issues, you need to first enable bluetooth on your phone and find the option that makes your phone "discoverable" and enable it. Save that setting if you choose to. Most often you will use your phone to connect to other devices not the other way around. But in either case a password is required to connect to other devices which almost always is four zeros "0000". Make sure you put the device you want to connect to in "pairing mode" before you try to connect to it and wait for the password prompt on your phone. Once the password is entered you're set and you should get a connect confirmation. I hope this helps you out somewhat. If you already knew all this then sorry for the rundown. If you have any other questions just ask and try to be as specific as you can. Post back with your questions or results for others to viev and follow up on. Good Luck.

    ***Note*** Not all devices have the bluetooth profiles needed for transferring files to and from other devices. Such as sending ringtones from one phone to another. In many cases the carrier blocks that bluetooth profile or the device simply doesn't support file transfer.
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