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    Hello all, first post here, been reading alot and there's tremendous info here and Im trying to go through it the best that I can. I use a very old 8330 (I think) and was offered an upgrade to a 9330 for .99 from Sprint so I started looking and the more I look, the more confused I get. I love my current Blackberry, and thought about switching to an android based phone like my daughter and I just cant get used to it. The touch screen drives me crazy. I am a bit older though, so it may just be a matter of spending more time with it. I thought it would just be easier to just stay with the BB because Im used to it, but was wondering if the 9330 is a good upgrade? I like the idea of the higher resolution screen of the 9650?, but they want 199.00 for it What are you suggestions for this old guy Thank you in advance. Kevin.
    05-28-11 08:08 AM
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    You should wait a couple more months towards the end of july or august and try to get the bold touch if it comes to sprint, or the iphone if it comes to sprint. There would be no need to sign a 2 year contract for a phone thats already outdated. So you should just give it some time

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    05-28-11 08:25 AM
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    Another old guy here. The 9330 is a very fine device. the question becomes one of how much you want the latest and greatest. Or how much to spend. Lots to consider.

    For me the BB touch phones with a keyboard are worthy investments. You may be different. Best of luck.
    05-28-11 08:53 AM
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    Good point, I refuse to get caught up in the latest-and -greatest snare. I am totally happy with my BB now. I originally started looking because it was getting hard to read (I guess my eyes are starting to decline), and I thought I wanted a larger screen. Then I realized you can increase the font size, so now thats not too much of an issue. It would be nice however, to have more than one web page open at once, and to be able to cut-and-paste tracking numbers and such. Also a wifi option might be useful too. Kevin.
    05-28-11 09:04 AM
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    I LOVED my 8330, I have the 9300 and it offers me very little over the 8330 I had, the keyboard on the 8330 was better, the trackball was easier to clean, and brick breaker was fun on that device,

    I didn't surf the net on my 8330, and I don't on my 9300 so browser performance was never an issue for me, the 9300 browser if far superior.

    It is my opinion that if you like your 8330 right now, why change for the sake of change? IF you want a change, THEN look at the other Blackberry devices, you'll have a few options in the fall, and put $20/month aside now, and you'll buy the new device without much out of pocket ( what I USED to do was the change from my morning coffee went into a jar for my electronic addiction, $2 given, change ranged from 50-75c 5 days a week, which was about $15/month put away.
    05-28-11 09:11 AM