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    I'm closing to coming to an end of my contract. I've got three people on this Verizon contract, and between all their phone upgrades, I was thinking we'd never reach this point!

    Anyone, now that I think about it, what's the big advantage of being off contract?... just the ability to freely move on to other providers?

    Are there any other advantages?

    08-16-11 02:47 PM
  2. medicinILL's Avatar
    Pay less? Umm... No early termination fee?
    08-16-11 02:53 PM
  3. Tõnis's Avatar
    I was toying with the idea of remaining off contract just a few months ago when my contract ended. I figured it would give me the flexibility of switching carriers whenever I wanted, etc. But the fact is, here where I live, that's not really as practical as it sounds. There aren't too many flexible non-contract options available. Even with most of the prepaid plans (prepaid would be conducive to switching back and forth between carriers easily), you have to use a carrier-branded or carrier-specific device. Even if I were to buy an unbranded quad-band gsm BlackBerry, it could be problematic switching between the two major gsm carriers, at&t and tmo. Tmo has prepay, not sure if at&t does, but even these two carriers have their quirks with each using different band radios. Trying to use the same quad-band device on each network (even if it were possible) might be troublesome.

    Here's what I concluded after weighing it all out, including plans. My current carrier, Sprint, has the plan that works best for me. Probably I was going to keep paying Sprint indefinitely and using its plan, because it really is best for me, so why not take advantage of its renewal incentives: $70/line off the current bill (instantly) for renewing and an upgraded device. I got a device with gsm quad band capability should I decide to travel abroad, and an adequate network here at home (no gsm needed). Furthermore, if I really had to get out, there's always the option to pay. No big deal. Okay, it's a bigger deal for you, because you have the three lines, but for me the risk of being on the hook for an etf is minimal compared to the immediate and ongoing benefits I realized with renewal.

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    08-16-11 04:41 PM