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    So I have a curve and my contacts are saved to the sim card. When I try to dial from the home screen nothing shows up. So what I did is viewed the sim contacts and selected copy all to address book. However, this didn't seem to do anything. I even created a new contact and it still won't show up when I dial from the home screen. How do I get the home screen dialing to work from the sim card or successfully copy the sim contacts to the phone.

    It is very annoying having to open my address book then hit menu and select sim phone book every time I want to dial a number


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    01-13-08 03:19 PM
  2. eyemabug's Avatar
    If i've got this right, your address book does not display any contacts, even though you copied all from sim to address book. Check if you have any active filters which may not apply to any contacts thus no display..

    while in address book, press menu and select Filter, see if any is ticked..
    01-13-08 05:21 PM
  3. orle8050's Avatar
    Also check to see if you are saying the name correctly. So if you have the name John Smith. Your address book isn't looking at it as Smith, John and looking for you to same Smith, John.
    01-13-08 05:24 PM