1. mattmiles's Avatar

    I recently had my Pearl 8120 unlocked from O2 to Orange. I have been having some issues with the way the call recognises numbers. Some numbers that call me start with the standard 07********* or 01********* etc or they come through as the +447********* or +441********* etc.

    I recently transferred nearly 450 numbers from my address book on my computer to my BB and some numbers are stored in the 01 or 07 format and other contacts are stored under the +44 format. Several people have called me recently and my phone does not seem to recognise the number so instead of coming up with the name on the call screen it is just coming up with the number. For example my mum's number is stored +44 format but when she calls the number comes up 07 format. The numbers are both exactly the same other than then beginning prefix.

    I tried restarting my phone, transferring the numbers again. As you can imagine I don't want to go through my contact list and change all the numbers to have the same prefix as some numbers that call me don't have the +44 prefix and I am not sure which ones they are.

    Can some one please suggest a remedy for this rather irritating problem.

    Many thanks
    05-27-10 02:03 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Do you have your Country Code set correctly in the Smart Dialing Options?
    05-27-10 05:46 AM