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    Hey everyone.

    So I just finished reorganizing my contacts list. I made a .csv file and added all my contact information to it. I deleted all my contacts on my outlook.com account, and then imported the .csv file of all my perfectly labelled and organized contacts that I just created.

    Two questions:

    1) I can't seem to add/change pictures of any of my contacts. Anyone know how to do this?

    2) If setup my Q10 with my outlook.com account and have it sync contacts/email/calendar, if I add a profile picture to a contact on my phone, will it show up when I log into outlook.com in "People"?? If anybody can test this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

    It seems like the only way to sync pictures between your BB10 phone and your webmail is with Gmail. But Gmail seems to be adding in extra information and connecting or linking information into my contact profiles. For example, if my contact has a gmail email address, it brings in information from Google profile, YouTube profile and/or their Google+ account. And what's worse is that if I try to erase their job title or company, it just repopulates itself. The good thing is that it allows me to edit the assigned profile picture, but I like organizing the information in my contact profiles MY WAY. This sort of automatic linking and connecting makes me want to fully switch to outlook.com - I just need the contact profiles to work and I'll be set.

    If anyone could provide some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
    06-28-13 11:16 PM
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    06-29-13 09:18 AM
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    People complain about how BlackBerry does things but I tell you, Microsoft is totally lost. I for the love of Ballmer can't get what they are doing to their software/services. Lots of steps backwards.

    Anyway, did you give it a try? Changing the contact picture and cheking if it would sync? As the option to change the contact's picture is gone from the webfront, I would expect it not to sync...

    Have you tried loading that CVS to your google account? I mean, do the same thing you did with outlook. Wouldn't that solve your issue (keep in mind though, it would sync, but the image you set on your device takes the top half of the call screen. The one aved on google's server is only a 200x200 square - like I showed on your other thread).

    To avoid getting all sorts of info added to your contact, Contacts > swipe from top > Settings and disable the checkbox that locates more info using "RIM" partners. It will still pull stuff like profile links, but won't be as much crazyness.
    07-03-13 10:41 PM
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    I haven't tried it since I don't have my Q10 yet. I plan on getting it in a few weeks.

    Another CB member tried it and said that local profile pictures are not sync'd to contacts on outlook.com.

    I have an outlook.com account, as well as a gmail account. I think I'm going to use my outlook account to sync my contacts, and use my gmail for calendar since my gmail is my primary email. I really don't like how gmail limits the size to 200 x 200.

    Thanks for the tip regarding pulling extra contact info - I'll keep that in mind.

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    07-03-13 10:48 PM
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    Must have missed this thread earlier, I can just give you the straight up info on this short and sweet.

    Answer #1: You cannot. A simple Google search or whatever your favorite search engine is will yield hundreds of results to this question. It is true that right now you cannot manually add photos through Outlook.com unless the contact is directly connected to a Social Media outlet support [i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, et cetera].

    Answer #2: You can manually add photos through Outlook on your computer, assuming it's available to you. Regardless it will sync across every area.
    07-03-13 10:57 PM

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