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    So after what seemed like an eternity of waiting for my 8320.. I now have it ready to go and am loving it already. Here is my situation... I travel out of the US often and after realizing my 8830 "world edition" wasn't gonna cut it (dual band GSM only), I decided my best bet was an 8320. Since I am traveling however, I'm thinking that paying for a second monthly BIS service I would only use for a couple weeks a month would be a bit of a waste of $..

    So.. Is there anyway to add e-mail accounts to my BB which would update when I use WiFi? Currently there are no accounts on the phone as I haven't had it associated with any BIS or BES account. This may be a stretch.. Is there anyway for me to associate my existing BIS account on Sprint with my 8320 which has no data plan at all?

    Thanks in advance for any insight, it's much appreciated :-D

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    04-14-08 02:07 AM
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    The Curve 8320 has been designed to support UMA technology. That gives you full voice and data access, including your messages, when you are in Wifi range. Wifi reception, anywhere on the Planet, gives you local calling back to the United States.

    If you move out of Wifi range, the signal is supposed to follow you using the GSM network.

    If UMA support is not an option, check out the WAP implementation of Google's Gmail. It works anyplace you have a Wifi connection.
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    04-14-08 01:18 PM
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    It is not possible to have push email with wifi. You can check any email address you have that provides a web based interface though using wifi and the BB browser.
    04-14-08 01:35 PM
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    Isn't the UMA technology carrier dependent? My phone is unlocked and I dont have T-mobile. I am using a local (Dominican Republic) sim card. If I was on T-mobile and used BIS through them, the while on WiFi I would have access to everything as you say Stoner, but since I dont even have a data plan at all locally, I dont think its the same. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    sunkast.. web based interface is my only option with no data plan?
    04-14-08 01:58 PM
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    sunkast.. web based interface is my only option with no data plan?
    I believe so.
    04-14-08 02:09 PM
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    I am curious, sunkast, do you have [email protected] service with T-Mobile?

    Other users have indicated UMA support includes Messages. Lowercase "uma" indicates a Wifi data connection, but no message support.
    04-14-08 02:58 PM
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    I don't have [email protected] I don't use my phone enough to know for sure.
    04-14-08 03:05 PM
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    I agree. The only way you can check your email using only wifi is by going to your email server's website by using the BB Browser.
    04-14-08 03:44 PM
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    I don't have [email protected] I don't use my phone enough to know for sure.
    Thanks, that explains your experience with Messenger.

    [email protected] is a service provided by the carrier on subscription. That service enables UMA and manages the flow of data. The concept is difficult to market, most carriers offer the feature of unlimited data/voice when UMA is used.

    UMA overcomes the limitatons of weak signal strength. My cellular call quality is very poor, UMA would solve that problem.
    04-14-08 06:26 PM
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    Yeah, there are still some things I just don't have experience with yet simply because I don't use them.
    04-14-08 06:35 PM
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    Stoner are you saying you can make phone calls through WiFi?

    I am using an unlocked 8320 on At&t and I thought UMA was entirely T-Mo based...
    04-14-08 08:30 PM
  12. Reed McLay's Avatar
    No. Not yet anyway.

    Without a service plan, neither the Phone or Message function.

    In the not too distant future, I am optimistic that Rogers, the overpriced Canadian carrier, may introduce a [email protected] like feature. In practice, that is UMA support and I will have full voice and data service through Wifi.


    Several carriers are currenty supporting UMA: T-Mobile, Orange and O2.
    04-15-08 10:23 AM
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    you can use logicmail to check your e-mails... it is a freeware
    12-27-08 06:00 AM