1. headhunter156's Avatar
    Got a Keyone a few days ago and I am in the process in making sure all the contacts are transferred. However, there are a few contacts I needed to enter manually because I failed to save them to the gmail account.

    When adding new contacts, I have the options to add them on sim card, GMail, on the device, sim card and blackberry hub+ Account. If I choose the option on Blackberry Hub+account, does that mean it will be saved on the device and on my Gmail account?

    Thanks advance for the answers!
    07-19-18 12:09 PM
  2. akshay_neudigit's Avatar
    Yes, contacts will be saved to gmail also (If this is your default email account)...
    07-19-18 01:51 PM
  3. akshay_neudigit's Avatar
    And dont forget to double check it, just to be sure..
    07-19-18 01:52 PM

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