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  • A. Static Interaction

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  • B. Static/Context Hybrid Interaction

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  • C. Contextual Interaction

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  • D. Gesture Based Interaction

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  • E. None of the Above

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  1. mphillips828's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I am starting to do a bit of research regarding BlackBerry 10 Active Frames, and mobile UI in general. I would love to have your feedback on the proposed ideas in this post. Please answer the question and submit the answer in the poll as to consolidate the research for myself. The post will layout a few different options for users to interact with the app. This is specific to active frames for BB10, but the mindset (in my opinion) is continuous throughout apps in certain areas. So I will layout the proposed changed below and please provide your feedback, comments, praise, hate, anything is helpful!

    a) Static Interaction: The frames and interface uses static buttons and icons to interact with the proposed screen. On active frames, proposed icons would include a "pin" icon to pin the frame in the current place it is in. Close icon (similar to current active frames), and a rearrange icon to allow the user to drag around the frames to whatever location they choose.

    b) Static/Context Hybrid Interaction: Similar to (a) the frames will have static icons on the frame itself. The icons will be different than on (a) and will combine a little more contextual interaction with the basic static icons. There will always be the close (X) present on the frame for quick access, and there will always be the rearrange icon allowing the user to rearrange frames based on preference. Once the user rearranges an icon (moves it to desired location) the pin icon will appear where the close (X) was previously (the assumption here is that if you are taking time to move the icon and rearrange the icon, you will not choose to close that application) so you will be able to pin that application, but every other application will still show the (X) if you so desire to close them. Benefit of this is that it has less icons on the screen at one time, cleans up the interface.

    c) Contextual Interaction: The frames will change their icons based on the type of interaction from the user. With this method there will be no icons on the frame until the user does a long press on the frame itself. The long press will allow the user to drag the frame to desired location (same as moving icons around in BB10, but without the growing/shrinking animation). A long press will also popup actions for the user, again similar to the icons in BB10 when it shows the garbage can to delete app. The active frame will popup with a pin icon, and a close (X) icon. Similar to method (b) -- but slightly different -- once the user long presses on the frame, the option to pin and close (X) will appear, but the difference is that they will appear on every single frame you have open instead of just the one that you moved in option (b). This will allow quick movement between frames and rearranging the frames, also will allow for easy pin access and closing of the frames if you choose to close many at a time. This method has a very clean interface as the icons appear above the frame once a long press is initiated by the user. Again similar to movement of BB10 apps, once a long press has begun, the user then can rearrange all frames (just like you can grab and drag any app once they are growing/shrinking).

    d) Gesture Based Interaction: This is my favourite and most fun idea, although I have had other feedback regarding this method. Ultimately it is pure gesture base interaction with the frames. Major options for the app are activated through gestures on the frame itself. It is very simple and intuitive while now adding any additional icons to crowd the screen real estate. Simply done, the user will ensure they touch anywhere within the active frame and from there a gesture either left or right can be done. A swipe to the left will close the application. A swipe to the right will pin the app. The gesture moves with the finger, so if you are dragging to close, you will see the app moving off the screen and a red "glow" will begin to take over the application (allowing you to know that you are closing the app). The opposite for a pin will occur, when you swipe right to pin the app, it will glow green to let you know that you are pinning the app to this particular spot on the screen. To rearrange the apps you simply pinch close on the active frames screen. All of the frames that you have open will minimize to show just the app title and the app icon within the bar (bar would be similar to what is on current active frames where the name is). Once this gesture is activated you can now easily rearrange the icons in any order you want them to be. A pinch to zoom gesture will blow up the frames to full size and full usage.

    1) More than 8 frames are allowed to be open at once.
    2) My active frames idea uses a horizontal frame method, where 3 frames fit on screen at a time. Less frames but much more information accessible within the frames.
    3) Active frames will be "inter"active with a long press on a special area that I will not disclose currently will not interfere with the proposed ideas.
    03-29-14 07:14 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    I voted for C, but really could have voted for B.
    mphillips828 likes this.
    03-31-14 01:03 PM
  3. mphillips828's Avatar
    I voted for C, but really could have voted for B.
    Similar, but definite differences between the two...C I feel would be a natural feel for most users on all platforms as iOS, BB and Android all allow the user to long press the app to delete or this would bring that same feel to the frames.
    03-31-14 05:56 PM

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