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    I have been trying to access my bis account from my pc. I am with virgin Canada and when I try all my usernames and passwords none work. Then I tried to make a new account and after entering info a msg came up said I can only access it from my phone. I called virgin but the guy was not to helpful and told after talking to someone else that I can only access it from my phone. Should I be able to have access to this or do some carriers just not allow it? Not sure what other questions I might ask them, not sure I even asked the correct ones to start with.

    How do you access bis from the phone? os6 9780
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    05-01-11 11:02 AM
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    If you are talking about your blackberry.net email, that can only be opened and read on your phone.
    05-01-11 02:45 PM
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    If your actually speaking of the BIS account then try creating your user name and password from your handset first. Till then you will not be able to login online.
    05-01-11 02:54 PM
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    BlackBerry - Email Support

    You should be able to access your BIS account from a PC. There are some setting that can only be done from a PC like changing device PIN number or the carrier sig line.

    Your BlackBerry has already created the BIS account, that is part of Email setup. Your BIS account is [email protected] and you would have dual entered the password when it set it up.

    If you don't remember the password, it can be re-sent by PIN message to insure it is going to the correct BlackBerry.

    Sounds like the Virgin Mobile CS training should be reviewed.
    05-01-11 03:00 PM
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    OP, what are you trying to access. Your blackberry.net email address, or the BIS account where you can add email accounts like gmail and yahoo to the service? We need your help before we can offer any additional information.
    05-01-11 03:06 PM
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    I am trying to access the bis account. I can add emails accounts on my phone I have 3 right now. there is a page where to login to this BIS account but I do not seem to have access. Maybe I don't need it but was curious at options I had in there for future ref. I am guess that I can add accounts when logged and edit ones I have.
    05-01-11 04:32 PM
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    Ok, from your handset, login into the Email Setup, press the BB menu and then select "Create User Name", I think that's what it is called, then follow the prompts. It should ask you the User Name, the PW and then confirm the PW. It will then advise you that you will need to remember this to login even from the handset itself.
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    05-01-11 04:39 PM
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    Here is what I see on the site access Login page

    trying to make an account

    making an account

    msg after entering info

    05-01-11 04:43 PM
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    I mean login from your Email Setup icon on your device. Not the BIS web page on your device. Sorry for the confusion.
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    05-01-11 04:45 PM
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    ok Thanks I found those setting now. It makes it sound very ominous about it being permanent and all. I am thinking it means that I cannot add or delete an email account without this password and username. Or edit them. But hoping that the push email and reading the emails is the same without having to do any password stuff.
    05-01-11 04:59 PM
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    Well I did it and now have access to the online BIS. No big mystery logging in there. Shows my 3 email accounts and that is that. Does not seem to be anything fun to mess with to screw up my phone or its settings.
    05-01-11 05:19 PM
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    They should allow you to do all of that from Desktop Manager, IMO. The Software should be able to get all the info needed from the phone, and of course it can ask for the password before displaying any info.
    05-01-11 07:15 PM