1. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    I've owned the following devices:
    1. Dev C
    2. White Z10
    3. White Q10
    4. Black Q10
    5. Limited Edition Z10

    and they all have been unable to connect to my Windows 7 Pro computer! I also have a PlayBook and it connects fine to my computer.

    I don't think 5 devices with god knows how many different OS can't be at fault - it must be either my computer or my modem that is not allowing the connection. I can't figure out what it is! :@

    The only difference I've seen between the PB and BB10 devices is that the PB connects without a password (as far as I can tell, there is no password set for that).

    Any ideas on how to connect the BB10s to my computer? I CAN connect them using the media share option - just not the file share option! The latter is more useful for obvious reasons.

    EDIT: Another thing I've noticed is that every time I open the Storage and Access option in the Settings app, the button for Access using Wifi changes to ON (like I can see it go from OFF to ON)... not sure if that means anything.
    01-25-14 05:29 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Hi there
    Still having this issue? Bumping for visibility.
    01-28-14 11:45 AM
  3. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    I got it to work once - but again, it no longer works

    But now there's hope whereas once there was none! :P

    I can't connect to Link wirelessly anymore, and my computer also doesn't show up in Settings -> BB Link. So now I'm having connecting to Link properly.
    01-28-14 12:15 PM

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