1. jeff.parent's Avatar
    So I've had this problem on both my 8310 and 9700 so I thought this was best suited for the discussion forum.

    When you are in the car, charging your BB and are either listening to audio through headphones (which is a bad idea when you are driving) or through a line-in port on your car stereo does anyone else get feedback if their BB is charging with a car adapter? I know this is due to noisy power being created by the alternator but I had two questions:

    1) Has anyone figured out a cheap solution to clean up their power?

    2) Does using Bluetooth still have this issue (i.e. using the Audio Gateway to plug into the car and then BT from your BB).

    I assume that the noise is due to the modulation of the audio cable is running over the same power coming from the car and not through the battery so the BT option might actually fix the problem. I want to get the Audio Gateway for home use but I'm still on the fence as I probably should stop spending money. If the car situation is fixed at least I could lie to myself and say I need it.
    05-28-10 12:07 PM
  2. fedge's Avatar
    well you may need a power conditioner for your lighter in your car you could also try making a better ground for the lighter.. you could also try installing a new dc power outlet directly from the car battery. you may or may not have other things on the same fuse as your power to your lighter/power outlet that could be causing a power fluctuation .. but make sure you have a fusable link as close to the battery as possible..
    05-28-10 12:13 PM
  3. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    Wondering.. you have a 9700 which has phenomenal battery life, why are you charging it while driving? Obviously theres always those times where you running low on battery and need a quick charge, but if its causing problems for you why charge it while listening to music? I listen to music every second I'm in my car with my bb (through rca cable/aux output), I've never tried doing both cause I've never needed to.
    05-28-10 12:16 PM
  4. fedge's Avatar
    pi guy does make a good point... and hey Jeff just out of curiosity what kind of car do you have? is it an older model ?
    05-28-10 12:27 PM
  5. jeff.parent's Avatar
    Actually since I got my 9700 I really have had to charge it in the car that often. Its only on those long trips on holidays (I live 9hrs away from my family) and I'll be streaming Pandora or Absolute Radio. Usually I just switch over to a CD or Terrestrial (cause I havent hooked up my Sirius Radio to my new car yet) and that will give me enough time to fully charge again.

    As for the car, its an '08 Mazda 3. I would have assumed that since its a new car that there wouldnt be an issue like this...but then again phone chargers, AC/DC power converters, etc all assume noise power and just deal with it.
    05-28-10 01:04 PM