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    Okay - superstoopid q I am sure - when I get a new sms, email, mms, twitter etc - my home screen gets a little "new message" icon - any way to get to that new message without navigating through the menu to, for example, SMS, or Email, or Twitter berry? If the icon is there, I assume there is a quick way to get to the new message it is informing you of?
    01-31-09 05:11 AM
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    Never heard of the shortcut! There might be one though. Anyone wanna answer, cause I would like to know about the shortcut also!

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    01-31-09 05:37 AM
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    I find it very hard to believe that there isn't a way to do this - it would make sense that, when the little icon appears, there is a way to go and click on it or something to get to the message it is advertising? When the little icon popped up, my intuitive response (as a first time user) was "oh, i can click on that to go see the message"
    01-31-09 05:45 AM
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    You might be able to find t here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/tip-...ortcuts-13131/ No guarantees though!

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    01-31-09 05:51 AM
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    Nothing there - anyone???
    01-31-09 06:10 AM
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    You have to go to the appropriate InBox to read the message. I'm not aware of a theme or app that allows you to click on the actual notification icon. The appropriate InBox will have a little star so you can see where the unread messages reside.

    Not sure if this will help but
    There's a Message folder that out-of-the-box contains all messages. Additionally, each email account has its own icon.

    You can separate SMS and control what appears in the Messages box - open Messages > MenuKey > Options > General Options > SMS and Email Inboxes > Separate. This creates a new SMS icon on your home screen. There are some other settings as well to control the items that appear in this folder.

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