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    I don't have a pc at home and only surf at the office (off hrs of course, )...but since we here at TELUS in wireline and we have been given the blkberry pearls to try (i'm now something of a crackberry) but screen too small as is keyboard

    a few questions:
    ....however, what is the wifi advantage of the bold over the new storm?...i don't own a laptop and love to surf so need a fast smartphone... and want a phone mostly for text mgs, taking messages, doing day appt planning and lots of surfing (I log onto many diff websites, ie, google, meetup.com, cnn, financial post etc which are jpg heavy....)
    I'm not (at least right now) into music/movie downloads...but who knows
    as the wireless network speeds increase, too.

    my current LG (regular) cell phone contract is about to expire (also with telus) and wish to upgrade...have heard good things about new palm pre coming out and just read today that that Dell and Acer are also coming out with smartphones, too....so maybe wait a bit for bugs to be worked out? I think the next few yrs will see an explosion of smartphones and the new 'netbooks' (smaller laptops) by companies.

    suggestions/feedback welcomed (great site by the way)
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    Hmmm you should try the Storm, Curve and Bold. All are great with same major functions but some differences (wifi/3g) as well. It really depends on which carrier has the best service in your area. If it Verizon you can get the Bold or Curve. If ATT, the Curve, Bold or maybe even the iPhone! Happy hunting!

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    Sorry verizon- storm r curve...ooops

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    I have to say....that if you get a bb and are tech savvy be careful playing with beta os's. I have a curve 8330 and I just had to get a warranty replacement because of glitches from beta's. I had to downgrade before getting help or they wouldn't cover it. So now my phone works better than ever! So that's my 2 cents. The curve is a great device! Storm is nice but have heard if u drive and text it might not be friendly. Good luck and happy bb'ing.

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    i'm really into the new curve 8900, not sure when that's coming to telus, but if my carrier had that, i would snap it up. but between the storm and the bold, i'd say the bold, but i'm not really a touchscreen kinda gal ;-)
    01-30-09 09:31 PM