1. Wilm Wrightsvill's Avatar
    I've a Nextel BB 8350i with wifi.
    I've found that wifi only allows for email to work when there's no Nextel signal.
    I travel to locations where there is no Nextel service-but, does have wifi accessibility... Is there a way, or an app that alllows telephone calls, and or texting to work through/via wifi?
    08-15-09 09:54 AM
  2. larrygump's Avatar
    There is but its only offered through tmo....although you should be able to access
    Data via wifi...caLling will NOT be an option...texting may or may not...your talking about uma calling and that's only avail through tmo sorry!!! Hopefully more carriers will embrace that technology....I love it

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    08-16-09 09:32 PM
  3. larrygump's Avatar
    check my signature for details!
    08-16-09 09:34 PM