1. lorax1284's Avatar
    I wouldn't expect all coverage to be this even handed, but here's an example of a news site blogger that doesn't seem to be feel the need to be snide and sarcastic.

    BlackBerry Testing Phone-Powered Tablets, Laptops - ABC News
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    03-22-13 11:18 PM
  2. PowderJockey's Avatar
    And so the ecosystem is taking off.

    Can't wait!

    Posted via CB10 on Zed10
    03-22-13 11:26 PM
  3. pmccartney's Avatar
    Another fine interview by TH. He really is good at this stuff.

    Posted via CB10
    03-22-13 11:30 PM
  4. rjkolo's Avatar
    Actually a very good review of the device I think it is very accurate.

    Posted via CB10
    03-22-13 11:46 PM

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