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    Hey yall!
    Just switched to a 9700 from my 8900 and am having wifi problems...

    DISCLAIMER - i searched and searched, but none of the threads on this topic helped me get a good wifi or UMA connection

    when I try to connect to the wifi network, my wifi icon is greyed out on the home screen and I cannot get UMA access. Sometimes the wifi will connect, and UMA thereafter if "wifi preferred" is set to on, but i cannot receive incoming calls over UMA, and the wifi and UMA connection drops out after about 10 minutes. all other electronics in my home that are wifi capable can connect to my network without any problems. here are the steps I have used to try to fis this problem:

    • several battery pulls
    • reset router
    • deleted and re-added network
    • changed network security type from WPA to WEP
    • tried to connect to unsecured network (sometimes works, sometimes not)
    • changed network preferences to use EDGE only rather than 3g (due to known 3g to UMA handover issues)
    • ran wifi tools diagnostics (site survey "sees" my network and my neighbors, DNS lookup (blackberry.net) sometimes works, sometimes not)
    • ping'd router (sometime it would time out, other times not)
    • made sure that "allow interacess handover" was checked for UMA access
    • called tmobile customer care to troubleshoot with them... they told me i should try to connect to a tmobile hotspot, so thats my next line of action. if that doesnt work, i will have to exchange the device.

    if you know of any other things i can try to get my wifi and UMA connected, i would greatly appreciate it! thanks for your time

    - Jesse

    edit: im using a netgear b/g/n router
    01-18-10 04:20 PM
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    If you UMA connectivity is intermittent I would suggest that you contact your ISP and let them know you need to open the following ports:

    UDP 500 & UDP 4500

    UMA needs these ports open on your firewall. I would also suggest that if your ISP is providing a firewall (most do) and you are also running the Windows firewall that you turn the Windows firewall off. This is a personal preference. I have my Windows firewall off on all my computers at home.

    When I got my first BB, 8320 a couple of years ago I had a similar problem at work where I am behind a WatchGuard Firebox. Once I open those ports I had no problems. At home I have a TMO router so it is optimized for UMA.
    01-20-10 01:17 PM
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    01-20-10 01:23 PM