1. midnightlotus's Avatar
    So I had problems with the trackpad of my 9700. I thought it was due to too many Media/Pics/Vidoes and I moved everything out. But the ability to use my trackpad would still come and go. And then it reached a point where it didnt work at all.
    When I connected it to the Desktop Media the function came back but only for a few seconds.
    I took it to a local place and the told me it was the sensor in the trackpad and a problem with the keyboard. Both were replaced and thats when they found it was the Circuit Board. Then they wanted to charge me $180. That unfortunately wasnt gonna cut it.
    I looked everywhere on the net to buy it, but its not something that can be purchased.

    PDARW is a company i found thru the CB contact us line. They call it a reflow and they put it in some type of a oven to correct it. I cant remember now the exact words used but its like a form of fusing or welding and helps to correct.

    So I'm going to pick up my BB tomorrow. And will test out this company. I'll keep everybody posted. But if anybody has any other suggests pls share. Thank you. I hope this helped.
    11-16-11 01:38 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    I had this happen to one of my 9700s
    I just sold it for an AS IS phone and got $140.
    11-16-11 01:45 PM