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    I don't know if any of you had this issue, but my BB 9700 was extremely difficult to both Sync and run BB Maps after installing OS6. It was either, I was able to sync with no BB Maps, or use BB Maps and not be able to SYNC with Outlook 2010.

    Here are the correct steps to take, I cut out all the dirty work for you....

    STEP 1: Starting with OS5, back up your device.

    STEP 2: Update to OS6... surprise! You can't Sync with Outllook 2010 now! If your 9700 is like mine, your BB Maps don't work.

    STEP 3: Wipe your device completely.

    STEP 4: Enter some test Contacts info, some Calendar info, etc... and Sync... Wow! You can Sync with Outlook again but wait, what happened to my BB Maps?

    STEP 5: Restore your phone with the OS5 file from STEP 1. Yippee! Your BB Maps works again, but what the **** happened to my Syncing abilities?

    STEP 6: Wipe device again, this time DON'T wipe applications.

    STEP 7: Sync with Outlook 2010, check your BB Maps.... Yep, you can thank me for that

    I wrote this assuming you know how to launch BB Maps on a 9700, if you don't I'm sure someone here will let you know.


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    06-04-11 06:25 PM