1. thehurley's Avatar

    Device: bold 9700
    OS: v5.0.545
    Country: Ireland
    Provider: o2

    I bought a SIM unlocked bold 9700 from amazon.co.uk. I've added a blackberry data plan to my account with o2.

    When I turn on the phone, wifi is enabled and the indicator is white. After a period of time the wifi indicator goes grey. The length of time it takes to go grey varies from 30+ seconds to 5+ minutes.

    I've tried connecting to two different wireless routers (one zyxel and one linksys), I've tried using various wireless security modes (WEP, WPA-PSK, none) and the results are always same.

    Yesterday I upgraded the OS to v5.0.545 in the hope this issue would be resolved, but it's still the same.

    I'd much prefer using wifi rather then 3G when I'm in range of one of my regular wireless areas. Any ideas why wifi keeps dropping for me?

    Thank you.
    03-17-10 09:52 AM
  2. montage's Avatar
    I think you've pretty much ruled out your phone being an issue.. and would focus towards your router. Have you tried to set your connection pref to wifi preferred?
    03-17-10 10:04 AM
  3. thehurley's Avatar
    After I added the wireless networks, the bb prompted me to set wifi preferred and I always did.

    Is there another way to check if wifi is preferred on the 9700?
    03-17-10 10:36 AM
  4. thehurley's Avatar
    Just to update anyone that finds this thread... wifi works perfectly in a different location other than that I originally tested with.

    The problems occurred when I was trying to connect to a zyxel, and then a linksys router in a site where there are about 12-15 other wifi networks visible. Wifi worked perfectly for me in a second area that used a netgear and there was only 1 other wifi network visible. The wifi settings used on all 3 routers are identical. ?
    03-22-10 06:01 PM