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    I am having problems pairing my 9700 to my Chevrolet Avalanche using Bluetooth. When I try to pair it will connect, then disconnect after a few minutes. Or it sometimes it stays connected, but when a call comes in, I try to answer it and it drops the bluetooth connection and reverts back to the handset. It has made using my trucks built in bluetooth useless. I don't think it's the truck as I was using a 9000 and it worked flawlessly. I think it's the phone's OS. I am currently running But it has done this since I have had this phone and I have done multiple software upgrades. I read in a storm thread that someone used the bluetooth .cod from another OS and using BBSAK inserted that .cod into their current OS. I'm not sure if this will work. Any help? Thanks!
    02-13-10 07:52 AM