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    Hey team, I need help on tethering my 9300 to my laptop.

    I've been successful using BDM, I'm in the Philippines using Globe Telecom carrier and I'm in unlimited internet data plan.
    after a successful tether, after restarting the laptop running windows 8, I will now start getting an error message:
    "failed to start mobile internet, The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.
    Please check your profile settings and make sure your radio is turned on. This service might also have been turned off by
    your wireless service provider or your administrator."

    After checking everything and it is all good, my only solution is to uninstall reinstall, then it will work again.
    one thing I noticed is, after pressing mobile internet in the lower left corner of the BDM, usually, user account control will ask me
    if i wanna make changes and i say yes, and it will work,
    but then when restarting computer, after pressing mobile internet to start tethering, user account control won't appear and the error
    message appears instead.

    I need help please? Thanks!

    9300 tethering (failed to start mobile internet) message-original.jpeg
    01-06-13 06:20 AM

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