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    8ta Clears up BlackBerry Data Usage Confusion
    Rudolph Muller September 12, 2011
    8ta says that they dont shape any traffic on their network, and has no plans to impose a usage limit on BlackBerry users

    Summary: 8ta says that they dont shape any data traffic, and have implemented a high capacity connection to RIM to boost BlackBerry performance on their network. 8ta has no plans to place any usage limits on BlackBerry subscribers.

    Vodacoms announcement that they will throttle the speed of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) users who exceed 100MB of usage per month stunned many Vodacom BIS subscribers.

    Many of Vodacoms BlackBerry subscribers threatened to migrate to other networks, but MTN also revealed that they are battling with high end users and are looking at ways to minimise the negative impact this might have.

    Good news for Cell C subscribers is that there are no plans from the cellular operator to impose any usage limits on their BlackBerry subscribers.

    8ta clears up confusion

    When 8ta was asked whether they have plans to implement a usage limit on their BlackBerry Internet Service users, the company evaded the question and simply said that they aim to provide our customers with the best experience and service quality on our network.

    This poor PR response and the companys unwillingness to answer questions about possible BlackBerry traffic throttling gave the impression that 8ta may be considering imposing a usage limit on their BlackBerry subscribers as well.

    Telkom Mobile Executive Zoltan Miklos said that they have no plans to impose any usage limit on BlackBerry users or shape BlackBerry traffic in any way.

    Miklos explained that they dont shape any data traffic on their network, irrespective of whether it is standard data traffic or BlackBerry Internet Service traffic.

    8ta also recently implemented a high capacity international IP (layer 3) VPN connection to RIM. We are proud of this design as it gives us a diverse-active-active-scalable connection to RIM, as opposed to most other operators that implement international private circuit connections in a simple active standby configuration, said Miklos.

    As a young network we are fortunate to pass on the benefit of unshaped bandwidth, said Miklos.

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