1. BeakerUK's Avatar
    A general question for folks relating to GPS on the 8900.

    I recently got the 8900, and put my old SIM in the hondset. It's been working perfectly until yesterday morning when the old SIM was turned off, and I had to use the new SIM they insisted I took with the new handset. Since then the GPS has refused to work at all.

    My Question would be do you require a service book to get the GPS working? I know I haven't got anything relating to GPS in the service books, but wanted to check to see if anyone else has. I'm guessing Orange haven't set up GPS on my services, but before I ring them and ream them for it I wanted to check to see if people had a service book relating to GPS!

    Thanks if Advance for any help

    I'm on Orange UK, though that shouldn't matter.
    10-01-09 01:10 AM
  2. Mr Pogle's Avatar
    I'm on Orange too, and got my first BB, the 8900, last week. I'm using the new sim and have maps (pre-installed) and google maps installed. All works fine
    Give Orange a call and see what they say , but it may just be a 'wrong' setting.
    I'm sure others with more experience will be along shortly to talk you through the settings, just in case

    Mr Pogle
    10-01-09 02:35 AM