1. cbwannabe's Avatar
    I've noticed today my 8900 keeps dropping my wifi connection at home. Anyone else notice it today?

    I remember hearing something about it in one of the recent CB podcasts.
    12-22-09 09:47 PM
  2. -- s.naz.'s Avatar
    i haven't been able to connect to my wifi @ home
    12-22-09 09:51 PM
  3. cbwannabe's Avatar
    Right now, I'm down to "edge" from "EDGE"! Still no Wifi.
    12-22-09 10:01 PM
  4. cbwannabe's Avatar
    i haven't been able to connect to my wifi @ home
    Ever or just today?
    12-22-09 10:01 PM
  5. -- s.naz.'s Avatar
    i tried to connect today, when i found out that the servers were down... not a HUGE deal though...
    12-22-09 10:12 PM
  6. gm85's Avatar
    Yup, if your WiFi light is gray, it means the Blackberry is not able to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure over WiFi. This means that any applications that require Blackberry BIS data will not work.

    You can still, however use the browser over Wifi though if you change your Browser settings to "Hotspot Browser"
    12-22-09 10:24 PM
  7. NoDuff's Avatar
    Given all the outages today/yesterday I would give it some time before going too crazy on the troubleshooting. Don't be nuking your BB just yet
    BlackBerry EVERYTHING on the Fritz??! Date Service Issues Being Reported by Users | CrackBerry.com
    12-23-09 12:32 AM
  8. cbwannabe's Avatar
    NoDuff - Yes thanks. Last night I was reduced down to "edge". I couldn't even send messages! So I called it a night and placed my 8900 on its cradle.

    This morning, everything seems back to normal!
    12-23-09 07:58 AM
  9. princesskiller's Avatar
    I think that all your phones are crashing. What you need to do is pay your cell phone bill and make sure that you got the data plan for BIS on it. Then if that doesn't work try reloading the firmware of most recent update from your service provider. If none of those work then what you need to do is call your service provider up screaming in their ear wondering why you got no data. Without data on your blackberry curve its like having a typical phone. But if your one of them people that thinks it is alright to not have data and that you have a blackberry so that your cool. Well, I highly suggest handing over that blackberry so that we will all know it will be put to good use.

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    12-24-09 05:28 AM
  10. Hey_Daniel's Avatar
    Try upgrading you OS
    12-24-09 04:10 PM