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    I tried purchasing a local prepaid sim card in Thailand (DTAC) and when it was inserted, it connected to the network but when I called a number, my US number would flash on the other screen. Likewise, I could not receive calls using the Thai number, only when the caller called the my US number. The people here never saw anything like it. Is there a setting issue here?

    07-07-08 08:09 PM
  2. my_handle's Avatar
    Did you unlock it?
    07-07-08 08:13 PM
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    ^^ Yup and the reason people in Thailand has never seen anything like it is because all the cellphones sold there are unlocked. I brought my AT&T Curve with me to Bangkok and was able to use the SIM card from there with no problem... of course, I phoned AT&T ahead and got the unlock code from them.

    BTW, first post.... welcome to the forum.
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    07-07-08 09:59 PM
  4. sfatelier's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that I used it in Europe with no problem It is unlocked and can make calls but the number that shows up on the other phone is the US number. Likewise, if someone here in Thailand calls the Thai number of the sim card just installed, my phone will not ring. It will only ring when they call my US number (without the US sim card in it!!). It's very strange and frustrating.
    07-08-08 01:53 AM