1. badawee23's Avatar
    Hello...I'm fairly new to the blackberry game, but I do have a problem.
    I cannot watch youtube on my 8830 from verizon. The error message I get says "The protocol specified is not supported by the handheld, please try a different URL." WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THAT MEAN?
    Also, I am currently running on V4.2.2.196, and would like to upgrade to V4.5, where could I find it? The verizon website has V4.5 for the curve and pearl.
    Any suggestions and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated...and please take it easy on me lol....
    11-11-08 03:57 AM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    There is no 4.5 for the 8830 yet. Not sure there will be.

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    11-11-08 08:46 AM