1. pscheuer's Avatar
    I've used a Sprint 8830 as well as an AT&T 8800. What I noticed with GPS is that outside the US, Sprint's GPS screen (options -> Advanced -> GPS) shows "NO Device GPS", AT&T's OS has no problem with the GPS outside of the US- it's available. AT&T's 8800 provides FAR MORE detail about the status of the GPS (you can actually tell if it's working or not)

    Do all CDMA versions act this way, or is Sprint blocking something with respect to usage in Europe? Calls to Sprint's level 2 technical support are worthless.

    I'd cut-over to the 8800 exclusively, expect for the fact that the AT&T coverage in the states is not as good for my location.

    See the comparison photos (Sprint on top):
    07-28-08 04:46 PM
  2. ttabbal's Avatar
    Many CDMA carriers insist on forcing the use of AGPS ("assisted" GPS). This probably doesn't work outside the US as it requires help from the cell towers around you, and a server on the internet. Standalone GPS works with just the satellites. I think it's ******** that the carriers won't allow standalone GPS at least as a fallback.
    07-29-08 10:12 AM