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    Let me start off by saying, I have had the Treo 700wx with Alltel for the last 8 months, about 3 weeks ago, it crapped out. They sent me a new phone, busted. This process continued til the fourth Treo. They have now agreed to give me the new Blackberry 8830 since I have gone through 4 Treos and I am covered by the lemon law.

    i will get the phone first thing tomorrow and I'm really excited. I have a question about the GPS function. Verizon and Sprint both claim that they will not support the built in GPS, but this is really important to me. When I check the Alltel site (alltel.com/8830), it says that it will use TeleNav. I am concerned that this will not really be true. Anybody know the facts? I also saw this infosyncworld.com/reviews/n/8006.html]Video review: RIM BlackBerry 8830 business smartphone - infoSync World , but it is for Verizon as well. please help as I don't want to get a phone that is going to be blocked of its full potential.
    08-30-07 01:39 AM