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    I have an 8830 with Verizon. The phone says it supports BlueTooth Dial-up networking, and I would like to use the phone to dial-up to a physical modem. (Like we did back in the 90's when we wanted to get online). I know this will use my airtime and will be a slow data connection. I am ok with that. This is NOT tethering, as I have that feature from Verizon too. This is to remotely administrator hardware with a modem connected to it.

    On my computer, I can set up a bluetooth DUN to dial #777, and I get my tethering working fine. This isn't an issue.

    When I set up a bluetooth DUN to dial a phone number (i.e. 636-xxx-xxxx), the 8830 will not dial that number and still end up connecting to the Verizon Tethering Network. I need to get the phone to dial this 636 number so that I can remotely admin this hardware while mobile. Does anyone have any experience in getting this capability to work?

    I spoke to Verizon, they said ask Blackberry, I spoke to Blackberry, they said talk to Verizon, etc. Endless support-loop that will never obtain answers.

    I was able to successfully perform this task on a Motorola phone with Verizon about 3 years ago, but haven't tried since as I haven't needed this capability again until recently.
    09-10-09 02:55 PM