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    There are a million pin threads.
    They all are asking about what you do in reference to the earphone, or GPS, or whatever.

    Here is what I am asking:

    I try to connect to another persons' phone.

    It pops up on their phone, enter Shawns' passkey.

    I SWEAR I think I changed it from the default. I know 0000, 00000, and 1234 do not work.

    Where do I find this value in my phone?

    O/S vzw


    12-25-09 09:08 PM
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    12-27-09 10:06 PM
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    I did a bit of internet searching and can't find any indication that you can change the Bluetooth passkey. I also searched through my 9630's User Guide. There's nothing there about changing the passkey either. I did find this tip:
    I cannot type a passkey on a Bluetooth enabled device
    If you cannot type a passkey on a Bluetooth« enabled device, the passkey might already be defined. On your BlackBerry« device, in the Enter passkey for <device name> field, try typing 0000.
    Why don't you try letting the other person find you? That may work better, especially if the other device is not a BlackBerry.
    12-27-09 10:31 PM