1. Nizsimo's Avatar
    Hey Guys

    Im having wifi signal issues with my 8320, recently acquired in good condition from a friend. Seems as if it has some problem with the wifi reception. I can be right next to the router... literally!.. and it shows up with only 1 bar. If i move say minimum 5 feet away from it the signals goes completely. Its a Linksys/Cisco Antennae-less router. I have no problems with my two laptops and the other desktop which is at the other side of the house. My Bold 9000 picks up my wireless and i can even proceed to walk down the street and it still stays connected.


    8320 v4.5.0.52 (platform
    WLAN v2.3.0.67
    03-08-10 03:18 PM
  2. Padfoot3's Avatar
    i have the same exact problem :/. Searched the whole internet, can't find any solutions; at first i thought my wifi was broken.
    05-03-10 02:29 PM