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    So I'm sitting @ work - bored. I'm playing on my T-mobile 8320 and T-mobile EDGE speeds are almost non-existent .... So I go surfing for wifi networks, and theres an open one with good signal. I try and set my phone up to use it and it reboots at random.

    It comes back up and I try again - this time the screen goes white, but then comes back saying its connected. However setting it as the primary wifi network causes my phone to reboot. It comes up and then reboots again when trying to connect to wifi. I ended up pulling the battery and not re-inserting until I had a lunch break to drive far far away from this network and was able to disable the one wifi connection to stop the reboots.

    What could be the issue? Why only this network?

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    There are few banned word that are not offensive in some contexts, but we insist on Family Friendly posting.

    That problem has been reported with the newer 802.11n Wifi routers. BlackBerry uses the 802.11b/g specification. I presume the geeks at BlackBerry are working on a solution.
    10-14-08 02:49 PM