1. cschappa's Avatar
    Just got the Holux and was able to pair it with the 8320.
    I was reading where people were having issues with OS 4.2.
    I'm on OS 4.5.
    I had several GPS programs loaded, seeing which I liked the best, instamapper, moostrax, amaze, car finder, trapster, google maps (I've had this since day 1), BB Maps, ipoki.

    I deleted all of the apps, except google maps and BB Maps and started over.

    If I run google maps I can get a lock and all is well. If I exit out of google maps, I see the bluetooth 'attached' symbol for a split second then it goes away. Is this disconnecting because I am no longer running the gps app? To save battery life?

    If I start instamapper 1st it seems to hog the bluetooth and google maps will not work.

    Ipoki just gives me a connecting... and never changes.

    I really like some of these tracker clients, just trying to find the right combo.

    11-13-08 02:50 PM