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    First Problem:
    I have a 8310 from ATT paired with a Motorola HS805 from my old razer V3XX, I have BT on and the BB is paired with the 805. I should just have to turn on the 805 and the BB should pair with it but it does not. I need to go to options > Bluetooth and pair with it again. What am I missing?

    Second Problem:
    With the 805 paired with the BB, when I press the 805 button I should get "say a command" but instead it automatically redials the last call made. How do I change that?

    Thanks in advance you guys are awesome!
    02-18-08 03:46 PM
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    This is what I have figured out...
    First problem. This looks like how the BB operates to protect itself from Bluejacking. Tough

    Second Problem: Press and hold button on headset = redial last call, short press on headset button = "Say a command" (I am stupid)
    02-20-08 10:54 PM