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    So my 8310 is out of warranty so getting exchanging isnt in my options, and neither is buying a new phone at the moment as I am short on cash.

    on to the problem, the phone will restart, solid red light, white or sometimes black screen, spinning hourglass then restarts, usually verifying software as it comes to the homescreen. This most often happens when texting, emailing or on bbm. It NEVER happens when plugged into the computer, happens less if plugged into a wall charger.

    No themes downloaded, currently running OS, the memory is 24 587 604 so low memory is not the problem.

    I have tried taking out the micro SD, I have tried reformatting but both still have rebooting issues. I have cleaned the battery needles because i read that the power might not be getting through the battery easily but no change.

    I have seen other ppl with similar issues but the answers are so scattered and many have the endless reboot problem, not mine.

    I really dont want to give up my BB!!!
    12-27-09 01:50 AM
  2. nevene's Avatar
    and i have wiped the handheld as well
    12-27-09 01:51 AM