1. RITEOFF's Avatar
    ok so i have an 8330 curve on alltel and i did the beta 5.0 but when i do the upgrade i do it right i format the phone and install fresh the problem is when i upgrade the bluetooth will pair to my plantronics p590 stereo headphones but it will not play audio form media player or pandora on them even though the phone thinks it working because sounds stops coming out of the phone how ever the phone call mode will work and i can hear and talk on it for that...any ideas?
    04-28-10 04:02 AM
  2. cemotyz09's Avatar
    It won't work that's the main reason I downgraded to .186 that and memory issues its a good os only thing I miss is the loading screen and threaded text from 5.0 you might be able to find a hybrid that works

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    04-28-10 07:55 PM