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    I got my 8220 like 5 o 6 months ago, is just great I love it, and never have a problems before, but a week ago I noticed that the bluthooth didn't turned on D: batery pull.. still no working.

    I talk to a friend who has 8220 too, toll her a she said that some friends of her has the same problem. so i guest that its a common problem on 8220

    have someone got that problem and fix it by their own?
    09-04-09 01:27 PM
  2. 8220's Avatar
    The only thing that comes to mind is either wipe the OS and start over to see if it's sw related or replace the phone, since your half way through the warranty. I'm starting to wonder about the build quality of this phone, it was posted that the phone is already DC'd. And it seems with all the issues it has with certain carriers it may be just a bad design in general.

    I'm on a replacement phone with TMO and this is going to be the last one so if this thing doesn't hold out for at least a year I'll have no choice but to dump the phone. This was the only reason I went with BB and it would be a shame for RIM to just abandon the whole concept. I mean they could make this a way better phone we already beta tested the damn thing for RIM for free so they know what needs to be fixed and updated.
    09-04-09 10:19 PM
  3. jc_halifax's Avatar
    I am on a replacement phone as well but the reason for the replacement wan't Bluetooth. No problems on that end.

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    09-05-09 11:44 AM
  4. mrppinzon's Avatar
    Wipe my bb D: don't know.. It scare me a little bit D: haha I will take it to service u.u cause I don't have a warranty. Thanks anyway ^^

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    09-05-09 07:39 PM
  5. Janye's Avatar
    I have buletooth in my car and for some reason the volume will not go any further than half way. I am on my second phone of this model and after some internet searching, it seems that RIM did it on purpose.

    Why the heck lock the volume to half way is beyond me, but it makes for a lot of hearing problems while I am driving.

    Makes me mad. I had 7 storms which all had their very own defects, but when hooked up to my bluetooh thats built into my car, I could adjust the volume no problem and now this phone had no issues but a hardwired bluetooth one.l UGH
    09-06-09 12:50 PM
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    I have the same problem with my phone. I upgraded to the .278 version and things were fine for a month or so. I also have GoogleMaps, Opera, and Bolt as my only other 3rd party aps on the phone.

    This week, the Bluetooth just would not turn on. Called Tech Support (tmobile). They told me to back up the phone, wipe it, and see if the bluetooth came back on. No luck. So, they are sending me a new one (still under warranty).

    Wish I would have known that backing up the phone did not back up the 3rd party apps... oh well...

    Strange, when I re-installed my .278 after wiping and testing the phone, the Bluetooth came back on for a while, but then it went away again...
    09-11-09 08:11 AM
  7. puhl64's Avatar
    Just to follow up. Received the new phone and restored my backup onto the phone. Re-loaded Googlemaps and Bolt. everything looks just like it did before - except now, I have a phone with less scratches on the lense

    Thought I was having bluetooth problems again, but I forgot I had to pair the headset with the phone again before the phone would recognize it.

    Hope this helps someone...
    09-14-09 09:27 AM
  8. mrppinzon's Avatar
    i took my to a repair store.. they said that were hardware problems u.u i will send it to repair a soon i get the money! lol
    09-14-09 02:11 PM