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    OK so I recently picked up an oldschool BB 8130. (no need to spend more money then I need to go get back into BB right? Esp with a whole bunch of new Berries coming out soon!)

    Anyways Its shiny and red and the lower right corner of the screen is lifting. I assume its a similar situation to what then current 9100 pearls are facing. So I was wondering how best to repair it. I was thinking crazy glue, but I know that tends to fog and discolor plastics, esp clear plastics. So I was wondering if there is a different kind of glue (or better solution)?

    And for the record I browsed the 9100 forum for ideas but didn't see anything (maybe I missed it). I know this REALLY should be in the 8130 forum, but I'm hoping for more hits out here. Any ideas would be great.
    07-09-11 11:53 AM