1. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    So this morning I was using my BB and all of a sudden the antenna turned off. Odd I though, so I turned it back on, 20minutes later, again. Then a bit later I made a phone call and it turned off in the middle of the call. So I pulled the battery. The radio kept just turning off.

    I had recently installed OS .138. So I tried upgrading it to .160, still had the issue. So then I went back to the latest Verizon version of .77, still no go.

    What's weird is if I keep it on the Manage Connections screen the radio will stay on, and apparently data will transfer (I see the arrows flash). But if I take it out of the Manage Connections screen it the radio will eventually turn off.

    Has anyone seen this before, on this or any other BlackBerry?

    07-24-09 03:53 PM
  2. weyenk's Avatar
    Same phone, same problem, same day. Thats weird. I have Alltel and I see you have Verizon. I wonder if its not something like the network sending a kill signal.
    07-24-09 04:28 PM
  3. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    did you happen to have BBM 5 installed?
    07-24-09 04:39 PM
  4. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Remove your battery while the device is ON, wait a minute and replace, see how it does then...
    07-24-09 04:42 PM
  5. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    Remove your battery while the device is ON, wait a minute and replace, see how it does then...
    nope, radio still shuts off...
    07-24-09 04:55 PM
  6. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    here's an oddity. I let the battery charge to full (it was at 45% at the time this started happening and I never let it charge past ~80% before unpluging it).

    but now the antenna is staying on. going to try unplugging the power and see what happens when the battery goes down in charge.
    07-24-09 05:16 PM
  7. SaraBear's Avatar
    Are you in or near the same physical location when it cuts off? I have an 8310 and the radio cuts off every time I drive past a local coast guard facility. Strangest thing. I just figured there were so many radio waves flying through the air that it overloaded my device. :?
    07-24-09 06:49 PM
  8. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    yea, mostly it's in my living room, but when I went to the Verizon store earlier it happened the whole way there, while there, and on the way back....
    07-24-09 06:50 PM
  9. norfunk's Avatar
    then it must bee a prob of signal receiving part of BBM
    07-24-09 10:49 PM
  10. weyenk's Avatar
    I deleted BBM and it appears to be working again. Then again it has only been about 15 minutes so who knows.
    07-25-09 05:11 PM
  11. weyenk's Avatar
    I lied, it didnt work but i found this on the blackberry forums maybe its the key.

    Ahhh...that is very important. Lower case (1xev) means your BB sees the network, but isn't connected. Only when you have all upper case (1XEV) do you have full connectivity to your carrier network. Are you on VZW? If so, try this:

    Dial *228, select Option 1

    Dial *228 again, select Option 2

    If you are not on VZW, then skip this as I don't know the codes for any other carriers for this.

    Then reboot your BB in exactly this manner:

    With power ON, remove the back cover and pull out the battery. Wait about a minute then replace the battery and cover. Power up and wait patiently through the long reboot -- ~5 minutes.

    If you still don't have all upper case 1XEV, then try this:

    Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > (it does not matter which line is highlighted) BBKey > Register Now

    After you receive the registration message, check the 1XEV again. If still not all upper case, call your carrier as something isn't right on their end.
    07-25-09 05:43 PM
  12. weyenk's Avatar
    I know someone in a different post had suggested trying force radio on, however, i cant seem to keep the radio on long enough to get anything to happen. Does anyone know where i can find an alx version of this program?
    07-28-09 03:05 PM
  13. scorp01's Avatar
    I have 3 customer phones, where the radio will not stay on. I tried downgrading the firmware and changing the service books. nothing!!!!

    What weird is that the phone will make calls but the radio will not stay on.
    10-22-10 06:46 PM
  14. anon(2338474)'s Avatar
    it's a hardware issue, time for a new phone(s).
    10-22-10 06:47 PM