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    I just got my first blackberry a couple of days ago and am not really sure how to use it properly yet. I am unable to connect to a gps satellite. What am I doing wrong? I've installed garmin mobile demo and amAze, none of them can find something. Also, when I go to options->advanced->gps it cannot find a thing. I'm currently in Europe if that means something. Also, my friend has a Nokia N96 and all he did was to install garmin and it works like a charm. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to setup something, install something else? Help?
    11-09-09 07:49 AM
  2. VeLiKi's Avatar
    this is what i tried doing:
    - hard reset (battery out)
    - soft reset (power key)
    - fiddling with the options of the gps
    - installing various gps apps with the same results
    - running the gps search outside, on clear weather. various times.

    also, i'm running v4.5.0.158 software version of my phone.
    what else should i do? is there something i need to install? to change? to set-up? should i contact my mobile carrier? come on people, help, i know you can
    11-09-09 01:01 PM