1. EdY's Avatar
    Hey everybody,

    RIM main website is announcing $77 in free apps to US customers!!! While I am all for any type of promotion to entice people from the USA to switch to Blackberry or upgrade, why are Canadians getting no such deal? The announcement clearly says its for US customers. I haven't tried it yet, maybe it extends to Canada too?

    Anyways, if this is the case, well WHAT THE F&CK!!! Canadians treated like crap AGAIN! Heck, I hope RIM realizes this and corrects it, like they did with the FREE PLAYBOOK for APP submission PROMO... At first it was only Android developers, then they extended it to ALL developers. Let's show some appreciation to Canada here. Many of us have stuck by RIM when the US was bailing in droves, because it was a Canadian company.

    Anyone else share my sentiment?
    03-25-12 01:19 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    03-25-12 01:29 PM