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    So i know there are probably a million of these posts But i bought my 7100i on ebay and much to my dismay couldn't get most of the features to work.. sooo i avoided being a noob and just running to the forums and posting for help. after about 2 weeks of research and mounds of useless information from nextel employee's this is what i've come up with for all the noobs browsing google trying to get all those fancy features working..
    Work Arounds :
    Browser : Opera (don't try downloading it wont work you have no BB data plan)
    Instant Messanger : Web Messenger or EQO which also handles text messaging i think not sure

    Email : Logic Mail works for IMAP and POP3 its not very pretty but it works and works well.

    And if you run into one of those pesky programs you can only install OTA
    there are work arounds for that too. just search google for something to the effect of "installing OTA applications without a BB data plan" now keep in mind this is what worked for me with my 7100i on boost mobile BB OS 4.1 i dont know any information about any other phone or carrier. enjoy.
    03-26-09 10:48 AM
  2. BBaddict2008's Avatar
    where did you download logic mail from?
    03-29-09 07:29 PM
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    well they wont let me post the link here because i have under 10 posts (friggen annoying but i understand the logic) but if you go to google and use these keywords "logic mail blackberry app" it will be the first link click on the "source forge download" thats the zip you need. sorry for the late reply man works crazy
    03-30-09 12:54 PM
  4. BBaddict2008's Avatar
    ty, i can understand about work being crazy, non stop here.
    03-30-09 06:43 PM