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    As some of you may already know, BlackBerry made an announcement today regarding Axial Exchange.

    This link gives more information of this agreement:
    BlackBerry takes second step into health IT in two weeks | mHealthNews

    But it also leads to a rather fascinating 7 minute interview with Patrick Soon-Shiong, on NantHealth, which I urge everyone on CB to watch to get a glimpse into what they do and what BlackBerry might have gotten itself involved with. Fascinating stuff, if you ask me.

    "Patrick Soon-Shiong discusses interoperability and how mHealth and telehealth applies to NantHealth at HIMSS14."

    I enclose the link to that video, specifically:
    mHN Lightbox Player 2.0

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    04-22-14 09:57 PM
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    Very interesting...can't wait to see where this will go in the future.
    04-22-14 10:35 PM
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    Edit. Hopefully no errors
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    04-22-14 11:14 PM
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    Very good video into what NantHealth actually is.

    Now let's wait for ? (you know who you are) to grab this story and rerun it like it didn't originate from the CB forums.
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    @BruvvaPete :Channel: C0012176F. Live well
    04-22-14 11:16 PM
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    [qoute] [/QUOTE]

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    Wtf.. stop the spam

    ? Slicing using my ?
    04-23-14 06:15 AM
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    Wtf.. stop the spam
    ? Slicing using my ?
    Sorry y'all. I wasn't trying to spam. My CB app was buggy for a few minutes.

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    04-24-14 08:15 AM
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    Very impressive interview! I sure as hell like that Patrick's vision. Device agnostic, that's the way to go! There is so much room for improvement and grow in the healthcare sector, I can only applaud efforts such as these. I hope that BlackBerry and Nanthealth can together come up with lots of stuff. eBBM between health care providers! Etc etc, the possibilities are endless.
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    04-24-14 03:07 PM

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