10-29-10 09:31 AM
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  1. i7guy's Avatar
    Even with OS6 there's a lot of platform limitations on BB that aren't there with other handsets. A good example of this is true VoIP clients. For Android there's like a ton that work over WIFI to a corporate VoIP subsystem. For BB there's like Zero.
    This is everything but a platform limitation. This is a no one has paid me enough to develop something like this limitation.

    There are some companies where the scenario you describe is too insecure for them.
    10-24-10 09:25 AM
  2. JoelTruckerDude's Avatar
    Some, but not all, as most bb users would have the world believe.
    10-24-10 10:10 AM
  3. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Um, MVS ties into your companies calling system. so when someone dials your extension, it dials your office phone and your blackberry, and you can switch halfway through the call. And there are a lot of useful optimizations, such as being able to make internal calls on your blackberry, and be able to dial extensions without first dialing into the company phone system.

    Sure you could load an app to make a VoIP call, but that app doesn't integrate into your phone or your company.
    You can do about 99% of the first part without the need of MVS if you have a proper corporate phone system. Pretty much any current VoIP system can have such features without the need of MVS or even a VoIP client on the mobile device.

    As for the second half, actually it does. The VoIP app ties into your corporate VoIP system via SIP integration and can act as your own phone/extention on your desk if you want it to. You'd have the same features as MVS without the need of all the extra MVS stuff that you need to have... and without the need of BES on the backend either to make it all happen. You could be in the building on WIFI with your SIP client on the phone or you could be outside of the network (if you have a properly configured firewall and SIP gateway setup) and make calls across the Internet to your corporate network and route out the company's POTS or PRIs without issues.
    10-24-10 11:28 AM
  4. Borborygm's Avatar
    Ten inches and above seems more like a SLATE type of device spectrum. You could literally have a slate and a playbook as your only "computers". Not so of iphone and ipad, as per how they are controlled. Don't confuse a walled garden OS with linux/QNX or windows desktop seven. The gizmodo owner even had a rant about trying to get work done in china and his device not allowing him because of very very stupid reasons [email size limits were one, the other was video and photo uploading in different formats], all of which wouldn't be an issue on the playbook or slate.

    ****, even the new color Nook will have more functionality and come in at a whopping 250$. Don't confuse easy with good, just ask McDonalds...
    10-29-10 03:39 AM
  5. Rob1's Avatar
    . A good example of this is true VoIP clients. For Android there's like a ton that work over WIFI to a corporate VoIP subsystem. For BB there's like Zero.
    Ummm....I have Tringme for BB - TRUE VOIP app..... Google it.....
    10-29-10 09:31 AM
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