1. tkeim1220's Avatar
    I've looked everywhere, and did come along with a possible fix with a broken link, but whenever I try to go to my #4357* or ##xxxxxx screens it treats it like a call instead of going to the programming or help screen. I really don't know what else to do, but call U.S. Cellular. Don't think they'd really be able to help me much.
    05-17-10 10:08 PM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    I'm sorry what?
    what are you trying to do?
    EDIT: all I found about this #4357* code is 1. It actually works, even on the 9520 2. It doesn't work when you are roaming.
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    05-17-10 10:47 PM
  3. tkeim1220's Avatar
    Yep, on CDMA phones it shows your PRL, and stuff like that. I guess that would be my problem, because I have a Sprint PRL loaded, however I am in an area that only my carrier covers, so it thinks I am roaming.
    05-18-10 06:52 AM
  4. tkeim1220's Avatar
    Update: I changed my PRL so I wasn't roaming, and neither ##000000 for programming, or #4357* for information work, so any suggestions?
    05-18-10 07:10 PM
  5. google123's Avatar
    #HELP* doesn't work for you? Thats what I "dial" using one of my speed dial shortcuts and it works fine.
    05-19-10 01:58 AM
  6. tkeim1220's Avatar
    Nope. Tried that too. I can't get anything to work.
    05-19-10 02:04 AM
  7. davidnc's Avatar
    I dont know why it wont work for you. I am on vzw and you are on us cellular other then that same phone and dialing #4357* and then send works on mine.Do a Battery Pull ,lol surprized not already mentioned .
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    05-19-10 05:49 AM
  8. asp13's Avatar
    #4357* works on my tour, but when I had a curve 8330 i had to use #HELP* to get the same info
    05-19-10 01:03 PM
  9. tkeim1220's Avatar
    Battery Pull still did nothing. Lol this is getting on my nerves. I found something at BBHybrids by searching Google for "#4357* doesn't work blackberry", however it won't let me download.
    05-19-10 01:44 PM